There is nothing better than the peaceful feeling of connection that exists between a person and the dog(s) in their life. For those of us who live with and/or care for dogs, we love them dearly, and want to do all we can to help them live their best possible lives both physically and emotionally. To achieve that, it is important we care for ourselves too, a lesson I've learned living, working and volunteering with dogs throughout my adult life.

My name is Jo, and Lakeshore Therapies is named in memory of Lakeshore Mo (Modgie to her friends), a fawn greyhound who came to live with me after retiring from a long racing career. Modgie was the first dog I lived with to benefit from complimentary therapies supporting the chronic arthritis she experienced in her old age. Using a number of therapies alongside supplements, lifestyle changes and pain relief as part of a multi-modal approach to managing her condition meant she enjoyed a happier, more comfortable and longer life than she would likely otherwise have achieved. As someone who loved her, that meant the world to me.

As my experience with dogs has grown over the years, working and volunteering with rehoming, animal welfare, and animal therapy organisations, I've begun to understand the huge difference our relationships with the dogs in our lives can have, impacting both our and our dogs' quality of life. When I've been stressed out or upset, feeling pressured or over tired, the dogs I've lived with have reflected my behaviour back at me, letting me know it's time to slow down. Our physical and emotional states are intertwined both within us as individuals, and between us and the dogs in our lives.

Lakeshore Therapies exists to celebrate human-canine relationships, to help make the very most of them by providing therapies to support the physical and emotional well being of both dogs and people.